Ultimate driver's arrest with St. Pete is not a silver bullet to get background check debate. Here's why.

Promoters of stricter criminal record checks for on-demand transport drivers finally use a local incident for you to cite when highlighting the dangers of not regulated, on-demand transportation. An Uber driver seemed to be arrested over Job Day weekend intended for loitering and prowling at a home within St. Petersburg.

A troubling incident, but its not the actual silver bullet groups pushing for fingerprint-based background checks on transport network companies including Uber and Lyft are looking for. The Ultimate driver, Christopher Youngsters Cuccorillo, 40, seemed to be caught creeping a couple of passengers home inside the wee hours connected with Sunday morning following dropping off her and a friend, based on police.

The witness heard the offender in the back of the condo building tampering while using rear window of their apartment and viewed the defendant jogging back and forth in the again area, typically the arrest affidavit recorded by the St. Petersburg Police Department flows.

But that solely is not enough with regard to Uber critics to really make the case that stricter, fingerprint-based background checks are essential to ensure passenger safety. Someone with a squeaky clean record would have done the same thing.

Still Cuccorillos record is just not squeaky clean. She has at least one conviction on his record stemming from a 2007 arrest for drunk driving. Cuccorillo pleaded no-contest to that charge in June of the identical year.

This little bit gives those anxious over safety one thing to argue.

Yet wait, theres far more.

That conviction might show up, because it ended up being local, in the form of background check Uber by now conducts.

The DUI conviction is also a lot more than five years old. Within Florida, such dogme typically fall off your driving record after that amount of time, according to NOLO, an online site that helps consumers find people for free in addition to businesses find advice to legal concerns. In addition , Professional Insurance plan, the agency this handles commercial insurance policies for the Yellow Taxi Co. of Tampa, said the companys current provider covers a for-hire driver after a DUI confidence is at least three years old - though in case its still on the drivers record, special authorization from an insurance underwriter may be needed